1 - Booth overview

We were honoured to have met so many innovative and forward thinking companies from all over the world in various fields who were just as excited as us about Branded Mini Games and shared their ideas with us about how Branded Mini-Games would help them engage with the customers in an interactive and social way.

Key highlights at Ad:Tech London included our Branded Mini-Games competition whereby delegates competed with their high scores on the event leaderboard to win prizes such as iPhone 6, power banks and winter mugs.

As the competition period drew closer to an end, it was thrilling to see the intensity between the top few delegates on the leaderboard as they repeatedly played the Branded Mini Game in attempts to outdo each other’s high scores. The social elements of the Branded Mini Game competition truly came alive as curious bystanders started cheering on the top delegates who were ‘camping’ at our booth and playing with great tenacity!

It was such a close battle, with a difference in score of just 104 between the top and second winner! Kudos to our two top winners over the two days who are now the proud owners of an iPhone 6:

Not to forget, a hearty congratulations to our other winners who competed valiantly in the competition and walked away triumphant, with Branded Mini Games power banks and winter mugs:

If you missed us at Ad:Tech London, feel free to drop us a line and we will get back to you soonest. For those who left their contact details with us, we will be contacting you personally to continue our conversation from where we last left off at Ad:Tech.In the meantime, stay in touch with us by subscribing to our monthly Branded Mini Games newsletter here – we’ll be releasing new games every month!