HTML5 Branded Mini-Games

We offer a full end-to-end service that tailors HTML5 branded games to campaign needs. We take a brief from conceptualisation to high-quality completion – all in under a week.

Meaningful Brand Exposure

No other mobile advertising format generates 100% uninterrupted, interactive brand exposure like our Branded Mini-Games. You won’t find an average 33% engagement rate anywhere else.

One Build, Multiple Platforms

Reach your entire target audience, no matter the platform, with just one build. With HTML5, your game can be played wherever a working Internet browser can be found, on any device.

Low Cost, Quick Production

Getting your campaign off the ground and seeing results doesn’t have to be pricey or take months. We produce top-quality games in under a week, and they don’t cost the earth.

Pocket Arena

Our social gaming platform transforms any game into 1-on-1 game competition. With personalised gaming experiences, game lifecycles are extended and viral appeal is boosted.

Personalised Gaming Experience

No two user experiences are the same in a Pocket Arena-enabled game, what with personalised friend notifications, multiple leaderboards and easy social sharing features to play with.

Speedy Integration

Pocket Arena is a simple SDK that can be initially integrated with any game in just a few hours. All of the social gaming functions will be instantly available and ready to be enjoyed.

Games Go Viral

In a competitive environment, with increased in-game interaction between players, and achievements easily shared socially, game traffic is given a boost and retention rates sky rocket.

TryNBuy Embedding

We pre-install top-quality games onto mobile handsets worldwide. Our solution cuts out the competition found in crowded app stores and helps boost game discovery.


High Game Visibility

Don’t waste time fighting for attention in crowded app stores, be part of our TryNBuy service and have games embedded directly onto the home screen of millions of mobiles worldwide.

Flawless Billing

Our billing solutions are flawless and service covers over 50 countries. Through PSMS billing, users never have to leave the game and can go from demo to a full version experience in seconds.

Distribution Options

Embedding doesn’t limit your options, regardless of target audience or market. Smartphones, featurephones, WAP and mobile portals – all high-visibility channels open to your games.