Salon Cross-Media Publishing is a leading trade show in France dedicated to showcasing new solutions for cross-channel marketing and publishing. Salon Cross-Media Publishing was held in Paris on the 3-4th February.

Traditional print publishers and brands now have to communicate across multiple channels. In particular, digital and online channels are increasingly important ways to advertise and communicate with your customers. The Salon Cross-Media event looked at innovative technologies that help businesses effectively advertise and communicate with their audience.

Our consultant, Olivier Pinard was a speaker and presented “How to Engage Customers with Advergames.” He showcased our Branded Mini-Games as a key way to promote your brand, engage your target audience and drive action from your customers.

Branded Mini-Games provides the power of Advergames to everyone. With the use of social and the focus on brand engagement, games are becoming an important way for companies to advertise. Games, by their nature, encourage participation and engagement and are a great way to promote a brand message and generate an ROI.

The reaction to Olivier’s presentation was very positive. Marketing people were very attracted by the funnel conversion rate and price efficiency of Branded Mini-Games. Many companies were interested how to use advergames for their businesses and brands.

If you too would like to use the power of advergames for your business then check out Branded Mini-Games ( or contact us for more information.