M-BIZ Global, a leading global provider of mobile gaming and marketing services, announced today that their new industry-leading branded mini-games will be made available to subscribers of one of Indonesia’s largest mobile operators.

M-BIZ Global’s Branded Mini-Games will be distributed through SMS broadcast to the current userbase and be free to play. Subscribers will be encouraged to play and be rewarded for their on-going interaction and completion of mini-games. Partnering with the sixth largest telecommunication operator in the world, M-BIZ Global has created a vast and well-established distribution channel for brands to increase campaign results and effectiveness.

Mini-Games are custom-built, HTML5 social games that are created specifically to promote businesses with complete brand-focused attention and reach audiences with no distractions. They are an effective marketing tool with an average 33% engagement rate across multiple markets around the world, consistently out-performing standard banner ads and other Rich Media. Due to their HTML5 capabilities, once built the mini-games run across multiple devices and wherever there is an Internet browser.

“With the huge boom of interest in digital marketing and the search for efficient mobile marketing, we are proud that our partnership will provide a solution that helps brands reach their target audience 67% more effectively than other Rich Media, while subscribers enjoy free access to top-quality, addictive mini-games,” commented Hyong Kim, President of M-BIZ Global.

The partnership with M-BIZ Global and the distribution of Branded Mini-Games is part of the operator’s efforts to fully optimise and take advantage of the digital advertising market in Indonesia, one that is estimated to be worth USD 160 billion in 2014.

To learn more about Branded Mini-Games and what their addition means for advertisers and subscribers, visit the official website at