In October, we released our social gaming SDK, Pocket Arena to the market supporting Android OS 2.3 (Gingerbread) and higher. Since then we’ve received lots of positive feedback from game developers, sharing how the Pocket Arena SDK has helped improve their app performance.

This year, it’s not only Android game developers who can enjoy the benefits of this social gaming SDK. Now, M-BIZ Global has announced that Pocket Arena will be available for iOS developers in March, giving them the chance to boost their gaming apps with social functionality.

Leading game developer Digital Chocolate said: “Pocket Arena has incredibly boosted numbers of in-game engagement. We haven’t done any other marketing activities for the game but soon after we enabled it with Pocket Arena, we saw a spike in our active users and the trend continues.”

The Pocket Arena iOS version will offer all the same features, such as 1-on-1 competitions, friend requests and game leaderboards, and will be available in March. Keep an eye on our website and we will announce as soon as it has arrived!

Hyong Kim, the president of M-BIZ Global and Pocket Arena said: “We have got a lot of requests from mobile game developers asking us to provide the SDK in iOS version. We take all comments on board and Pocket Arena will soon be available for them.”