Beginning at 10am on the 4th September and running until 10am on the 18th September, the KFC Music Factory in-game promotion encourages users to interact with artists, raise awareness of the service, and lets them compete to win a multitude of prizes. Users can enter the in-game competition by playing the exclusively designed and free-to-play Branded Mini-Game.

Mini-Games are custom-built, HTML5 social games that are created specifically to promote businesses with complete brand-focused attention and reach audiences with no distractions. With one build, they can run across multiple devices wherever there is a working Internet browser. They are an effective mobile marketing tool with an average 33% engagement rate across multiple markets around the world.

“We are proud to have partnered with KFC to promote their Music Factory service.  Our Branded Mini-Games perform 2.5 times better than any other Rich Media advert, so not only will KFC effectively raise awareness of their music distribution service, but their audience can win prizes and play beautifully designed HTML5 games for free,” said Hyong Kim, the President of M-BIZ Global.

Prizes are awarded to users who are in the top 10 on the Branded Mini-Games leaderboard when the event has finished. All users who have scored within the top 10 win themselves a Pongki autographed CD and a IDR 100.00 KFC voucher, with the highest scoring user also claiming a Polygon Mountain Bike Premiere 2. If you would like to participate or simply see our game, please visit http://sbmg.net/kfc/pb2

The event will be promoted across social media channels, including the KFC Indonesia Facebook and Twitter pages, and through SMS marketing. Artists involved in the Music Factory service and included on the compilation CD will also promote the event fans during the next two weeks.

If you have any query or would like to know more information about this launch, please contact marcom@mbizglobal.net